Ran Bashvitz

Co Founder and Chairman

Brig. General (Res.) Ran Bashvitz has completed 26 years of service in the Israeli Air Force, of which 4 years as the Head of the IAF Materiel Command, reporting directly to the Israel Air Force Commander and holding total responsibility for maintenance, engineering, logistics, force build up large scale programs and procurement, commanding the IAF technical core encompassing 15,000 people deployed in Israel and abroad.

Professional Experience
Ran’s multidisciplinary professional experience includes the areas of Communications and Navigation, Air and Missile Defense, Missiles and Ammunition, Electro Optics, and Aviation.
Ran commanded several maintenance units, large depots and headquarter branches and department. Based on his wide management experience Ran provides strategic consultation so several Government organizations and leading defense companies.
As ERO Group chairman ran has led the company to enormous achievements, with a wide array of business partners worldwide and dozens of satisfied customers and significant JV’s with leading industries.

Ran is an Electrical Engineer, graduate of the Technion, Haifa (cum laude) and holds a Masters degree in Industrial Engineering from the Ben Gurion University in Beer Sheba. Ran has completed the Board of Directors Executive plan in the Tel Aviv University and is a graduate of the Air Defense Engineering School in Ft. Bliss Texas.


Oded Kalmanovitch

Co Founder and Co CEO

Colonel (Res) Oded Kalmanovitch has completed 26 years of service in the Israeli Air Force with vast experience in Aircraft and Engines sustainment, as well as large-scale projects and budget planning.
His recent IAF posts were the Commander of the IAF Depot 22 and Head of the Aircraft Department in the Material Directorate.
After his retirement Oded had founded I’lluy LTD Consulting and Ventures company working closely with many defense companies and manufacturers in Israel and worldwide, nowadays – holding part of the ERO Group.

Professional Experience
Oded commanded the IAF main aircraft depot, responsible for over 1500 employees, and has also managed technological branches and units of manned platforms and engines and served as PM VI 229 Engine Project Officer at Pratt & Whitney, Connecticut, US
As part of his activities in the ERO group, Oded assisted our customer to win several Multi Million business campaigns, assisted the customers in managing these programs to be efficient and profitable and serves as Chairmen of Directorate in Bird Aviation, a FIMI company.

Oded is an Aerospace Engineer, graduate of the Technion, Haifa, and Holds an MBA degree from the Bar Ilan University, he graduated in 2017 the Directors executive plan in Tel Aviv University.


Erez Kabariti

Co Founder and Co CEO

Colonel (Res) Erez Kabariti has completed 26 years of service in the Israeli Air Force in 2016 with vast experience in Unmanned Autonomous Systems and Armaments.
His last IAF position was the Head of UAV’s, Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Department in the Materiel Directorate.
After his retirement Erez had founded AD&K Ltd, company working closely with many autonomous systems companies in the defense and commercial industry in Israel and worldwide.

Professional Experience
Erez’s expertise and experience is reflected in the Autonomous systems defense and commercial industries, focused on the areas of unmanned systems with multidisciplinary vast knowledge in sensors, communication, system engineering, airworthiness as well as the areas of Testing and Evaluating, with wide knowledge of tactic and strategic unmanned systems tests.
Erez managed IAF technological branches, served in command positions in UAV Squadron and served as Deputy Attaché in Singapore, gaining wide experience in foreign relations and the global defense market, and working closely with many industries worldwide.

Erez is a Mechanical Engineer, graduate of the Technion, Haifa (cum laude), and holds a Master degree in Business Administration from the Tel Aviv University.

Eitan-6 (2)

Eitan Avisar

VP Systems and Digital

Colonel (Res.) Eitan Avisar has completed 24 years of service in the Israeli Air Force with vast experience in developing complex diversified systems, from R&D to large-scale production, with continuous full lifecycle support, in multi- projects and multi-products global working environment.
His recent IAF posts were Head of Systems Engineering and Digital divison and Head of Armament and Air Defense technological division.
Eitan relocated to Ohio,USA, by the IAF, coordinated missions with the biggest
international defense companies in USA and also won the prestigious Israel Defense Prize for developing innovative technological system.

Professional Experience
Eitan has proven delivery expertise – managing large teams (250+ engineers and technicians) to execute “mega” projects and missions, on time, on budget, according to operational needs and customers expectations.
He has broad multi-disciplinary experience in autonomous systems,
system-of-systems, engineering and integration, wireless communication, navigation, cyber security, software development, machine learning, data analytics and more.
One of his unique specialties, is developing and operating predictive maintenance capabilities for complex systems.
As part of his activities in ERO group, Eitan founded and is successfully leading ERO-systems division.
Eitan is an Electrical Engineer (BSc), graduate of the Technion (cum laude), has MBA (cumlaude), and completed the Board of Directors Executive plan in the Tel Aviv University.