Save Money on Spares and Life Cycle Cost

OPUS Suite is the world leading life cycle management software tool in the market today.

It is widely used by the US Defense Forces and by many governments and industries world wide.

OPUS has the ability to present logistics optimal solutions while analyzing real time situations.

Thousands of projects world wide are monitored on a daily basis.

The software tool is analytically based on the Monte Carlo method while considering each project’s unique data.

OPUS can contain large scales of data and analyze it proficiently.

Every OPUS solution is tailored according to all the project’s aspects and offers an optimal balance between performance availability and cost.

proven benefits of using OPUS

  • Helps save an average of 15%-30% of the project costs and LCC.
  • Early risk identification.
  • Modelling and simulation processes.
  • Real time decision support.
  • Simplifies supply chain challenges.

OPUS Suite services provided by ERO Group

  • OPUS Suite is a product of Systecon™.
  • ERO Group provides OPUS services and support in Israel.
  • Tailored business solutions to every customer’s needs.
  • Please contact us for more information.

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